Data Center
Design and Installation

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, ConvergCom is a premier nationwide provider for the planning, design, engineering and construction of small, medium and corporate sized data centers and other business-critical facilities.

Initial Consulting
With over thirty years of experience, our ConvergCom team can help your business define a core strategy for defining and reconciling your business objectives with the availability and capacity goals.

If applicable, ConvergCom will provide a comprehensive review your existing data center and infrastructure.

We then provide a cost-effective recommended solution for your data center build.

Conceptual, Planning & Design
Working with the engineering community, ConvergCom provides professional data center design/build drawings and specifications for the construction of the client’s new, expanded, consolidated or relocated facility. ConvergCom data center design and construction documents include technical details, schedules, diagrams and specifications necessary to set forth the requirements for construction.

The guiding principals of our design philosophy provide for a modular, scalable approach in conjunction with the requirements of energy-efficient design. The result is a mission-critical environment that can grow with the demands of the business while minimizing its impact to the bottom line.

Design Execution – data center construction and commissioning
When it is time to build out ConvergCom provides full construction contracting service including on-site project management and commissioning.

Your network cabling needs are important to us! Whether you're looking for voice and data cabling, fiber optic cabling, wireless networking or other infrastructure solutions, ConvergCom is here to help.



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